Commissions include:

Who do you think you are? (series) Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute
A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales The Real Marigold Hotel (series)
Traffic Cops (series 1-13) Goodnight Britain (series)
Turn back time – The High Street (series) The Young Ones (series)
Imagine: Fantastic Mr Dahl Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince
CCTV: You are being watched (series) Car Crime
Equator Armed and Dangerous
Rendition Identity Theft
This World: Iran and Israel This World: 5 Disasters Waiting To Happen
My Child In Their Hands (series) This World: Lethal Solution
Hermitage Revealed Married in Britain
George III – The Genius of the Mad King
Long Lost Family (series) When Ant and Dec met the Prince: 40 Years of The Prince’s Trust
Royal Stories (series) Stephen Fry’s Key to the City
The Great War: The People’s Story (series) Secrets from … (series)
Royal Paintbox Words of Captain Scott
Words of Everest Words of Everest
Susan Boyle: An unlikely superstar Words of the Blitz
Freddie Flintoff versus The World (series) The Troubles I’ve Seen
Tears, Lies and Videotape The Royal House of Windsor (series)
Confessions of a Junior Doctor (series) Dispatches: ISIS and the Battle for Iraq
Walking the Nile (series) Worst Place to be a Pilot (series)
Unreported World (series) First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon
The Billion Pound Hotel How the rich get hitched
Turtle Boy Secrets of the Living Dolls
Manhunt: Closing in on a British Paedophile Cutting Edge: Ria
Dispatches: Murder on Honeymoon Cutting Edge: My New Brain
The Hospital (series 1 and 2) Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea (series)
Katie Piper: The alternative Christmas Message Katie Piper: My beautiful face
Outback Art: The Goldrush The Girl with Eight Limbs
Dispatches: Why bomb London? Cutting Edge: Bobski Builder
Dispatches: America’s Secret Shame The Girlfriend Experience
Dispatches: Respect Dispatches: Hurricane Katrina
CCTV Cities (series)
My Kitchen Rules (series) Borderforce (series)
Surviving Serial Killers (series) Conspiracy Theories (series 1 and 2)
Stop, Search, Seize
The truth behind… (series 1-3) Megastructures
Frontline – Ebola Outbreak Frontline – The Battle for Ukraine
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Homestead Rescue (series)
SARS: The Global Killer IRA – Dying for Peace
Body Bizarre (series)
The Nazi Gospels

Independent Films

Leon Max: A life of beauty Lost Girl
Life In A Broken Body Revolution – A New Art for a New World
Hermitage Revealed


Incredible India Virgin Money

Kevin Spacey Foundation

I am

Promotional Films

Jeans for Genes